Electrical Measurements

Weekly classes 2+0+2
Control form Exam


The discipline examines the fundamentals of metrology, principles of operation, design and practical use of the modern devices for conventional measurements and data acquisition systems (DAQ systems), in the measurement of electrical and non-electrical values by electrical methods and tools.


Students will found their advantages: universality, ability for far distanced measurements from the source, ability for automation and visualization of the measurement process, high accuracy, sensitivity, wide mathematical and statistical processing capabilities, transfer and analysis of the measurement data information. It will be given conceptions of metrology, standardization, digital signal processing. It will be created skills not only for proper measurements, but also for metrology, standardization and signal processing as well as representing of the measurement results. In order to consolidate the theoretical knowledge and the formation of practical skills, students are provided with laboratory exercises. The discipline builds necessary skills for the selection of the proper measuring devices and mechanisms, as well as DAQ systems, their wiring and signal processing of the measurements data in the process of solving specific experimental problems in the practice of the specialists.