Research projects


As part of the overall structure of TU-Varna, the academic staff of the Computer Science Department adheres to the priorities of the University - the transformation of the learning process into educational research, creation of new scientific knowledge and applied scientific products. The lecturers of the Department have been involved in a number of scientific projects over the past 5 years.

Projects funded by the National Science Fund: 
  • Project NP5: “Research on QoS of wireless technologies for IoT”, 2019.
  • Project PD6: “Research on QoS of networks based on LiFi for IoT”, 2019.
  • Project PD7: “Research on QoS of wireless commuications”, 2019.
  • Project NP5: “Integration of machine learning and virtualization technologies for implementation and managing of cloud services”, 2018.
  • Project NP8: "Research on Applied Methods Based on Machine Training to Improve Quality of Service", 2017.
  • Project PD4: "Design and Research of a Remote and Movable Objects Management System", 2016.
  • Project PD5: "Development and research of image processing algorithms in object detection and tracking systems", 2016. 
  • Project NP8: "Integrated IT Technologies for Research," 2016. 
  • Project NP10: "Machine Algorithms Research on Movable Objects", 2016. 
  • Project CNP3: "Design and Research of Algorithms and Systems for Management of Moving Objects "Dron", 2015. 
  • Project CHP1: "Exploration and development of mobile robot management algorithms in extreme conditions in virtual reality", 2015. 
  • Project CHP2: "Technological support for improving the quality of life of people with Alzheimer", 2015. 
  • Project NP8: "Research on Architectural, Infrastructural, Algorithmic and Methodological Provision of a Cloud-based Environment for the Conduct of the Learning Process", 2015. 
  • Project NP9: "Investigation of Artificial Intelligence Algorithms for Moving Objects Management", 2015. 
  • Project PP10: "Virtual environment for conducting local and distance online student competitions and evaluation of results", 2014. 
  • Project NP12: "Exploration of mobile technologies and their use in managing remote and mobile objects", 2014. 
  • Project NP9: "Development of methods and tools for reliable and secure computer communications", 2013. 
  • Project NP24: "Design and Research of Microprocessor Systems for Remote Management", 2013.

Projects funded by European funds: 
  • Project BG051RO001-3.3.07-0002 2013-2014 "Student Practices". European Social Fund, Operational Program "Human Resources Development", 2014. 
  • Project BG 161 RO003-1.2.04 / 20.08.2013 "Developing Sustainable Capacity of a Center for Applied Health Related Technologies". International 
  • project under Operational Program "Competitiveness", 2013-2014. 
  • Project BG051PO001-4.3.04 "New electronic forms of training at the Technical University - Varna", "Development of electronic forms of distance learning in the system of higher education", 2012-2014. 
  • Project BG051RO001-3.108-0014. "Improvement of Management Systems", European Fund, Operational Program "Human Resources Development", 2012-2014. 
  • Project BG051PO001-3.3.06-0005 "Developing the potential of PhD students, post-graduates, young scientists and engineering specialists in TU-Varna and their contribution to the development of a knowledge-based economy" under the Operational Program "Human Resources Development", 2012 -2014.

International projects:
  • Future Education and Training in Computing: How to Support Learning at Anytime Anywhere 2014539461-LLP-1-2013-1-EN-ERASMUS-ENW, 2013-2016.