History of Department

The Department of Computing at the Higher Institute of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering - Varna (now Technical University - Varna) was founded in 1982 for the reason of publishing of the specialty "Computing Engineering" since 1983. It is a successor of the Computational Engineering Department (in the Department of Radio Engineering), which was established in 1968 with a composition of 4 lecturers led by Assoc. Prof. Eng. Boris Ocherettko. Initially, the teaching staff of the department consists of 10 lecturers and two research associates (to a microprocessor training laboratory). Head of the department is Assoc. Prof. Vassil Smarkov, PhD. The department is responsible for the education of all students in the course "Programming and Use of Computing Systems", as well as of the students from the professional field "Electronics and Automation" in the subject "Fundamentals of Digital and Microprocessor Engineering" . There are also courses on "Programming of personal computers" for initial training of lecturers and research associates from the Ministry of Education and Research, as well as training in "Microprocessor engineering" and "Programming" with specialists in industry, teachers and managers in Varna. The laboratory equipment of the department includes 3 training laboratories equipped with Apple computer classes and single-chip microprocessor kits. The equipment available in the computing center includes computers EC 1020B, IZOT-0310, CM-4, as well as computer systems IBM 370 and IBM 4331/2. In order to ensure the special preparation of the students of the specialty "Computing Engineering" the department's staff in 1986 is growing by another 10 lecturers, and the laboratory base is expanded by another 6 laboratories with corresponding technical and program resources. This time the Department maintains active educational and scientific contacts with related departments in the country as well as in universities from Russia, Germany, Czechoslovakia. The admission of the students in the first year is 75 (including foreign students from Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Syria, Iraq, etc.) and 100 (full-time) in the second and subsequent years. The first degree of engineers in the specialty was from 1988. In 1991 the specialty was renamed "Computer Technique and Technology" and in 1997 - "Computer Systems and Technologies".