Practice 1

Weekly classes 0+0+2
Control form Ongoing assessment


The course introduces the students to:

  • CAD system Multisim xx - capabilities, working window, tools - purpose, setup; libraries and elements included therein; power supplies and measuring instruments.
  • Construction and study of diode arresters, R-C differentiation and integration circuits, sizing of circuits, investigation of rectangular impulse generators. 
  • Design and research of combinational logic circuits. 
  • Design and study of logical memory circuits.


Main issues of the syllabus content:

  • Introduction to CAD system Multisim xx.
  • Power supplies and meters incorporated in the simulation software. 
  • Diode limiters. R-C differentiating and integrating chain. Generators of rectangular pulses. 
  • Design and study of combinational logic circuits. 
  • Design and study of sequential logic circuits.