Practice 2

Weekly classes 0+0+2
Control form Ongoing assessment


The course "Practice 2" aims at introducing the students from the second course with the main software courses in the subject "Computer Systems and Technologies", their development and perspectives, as well as gave them an idea of some of the disciplines to be taught in the curriculum. It aims at: acquainting with key programming languages and environments and their practical use; acquiring knowledge and skills for defining and using classes, objects, functions and templates; compilation of "smart and entertaining" programs and projects by using program libraries for working with different data types and forms for presentation of information (textual, audio and visual).


Main issues of the syllabus content:

  • Program languages: C ++, C #, Java - features and application.
  • Structure, content and applications of C ++ programs. Select a learning project - a practical task for programming.
  • Batch processing and memory management programs and functions.
  • OOP - classes and objects.
  • Programs and functions for work with arrays and pointers.
  • Programs and functions for processing text information.
  • Input-output streams and manipulators.
  • File processing programs.
  • Programs and functions for working with audio and audio information.
  • Programs and functions for working with graphic primitives and graphics.
  • Programs for modeling "logical" games (puzzles, sudoku, chess, etc.) with text, graphics, audio and video effects.
  • Programs for console (desktop) video game modeling