Programming Systems

Weekly classes 2+0+2
Control form Exam


The course introduces students to the environment, technology and technology for application programming in the WINDOWS environment. The discipline examines:
  • basic programming software under WINDOWS (message processing, menu operations, dialog and graphic elements, etc.), and
  • tooling and programming tools for creating complex applications (DLL, COM, MFC, ATL, ActiveX and ODBC interface).


Main issues of the syllabus content:

  • Organization of program components in WINDOWS.
  • WINDOWS Window Object Model, Event Programming, Message Exchange.
  • Basic WINDOWS concepts, resolving resources, dynamic libraries, program component interaction, RAM management.
  • Create custom dialog, resource editor, dialog elements.
  • Manage user dialogs, menus, dialog boxes, dialogs.
  • Device Context, Graphics, Keyboard and Mouse Control.
  • Principle of operation of complex controls: tree control, tabular control
  • Creating and accessing dynamic libraries (DLLs).
  • COM-modules, principle of operation, exemplary COM modules
  • Libraries and modules for user dialogue management MFC, ATL, ActiveX.
  • Access to databases, ODBC interface, database management functions.