Programming for Mobile Devices

Weekly classes 2+0+2
Control form Exam


The course is based on students' knowledge of the following subjects: Programming Fundamental I and II, Algorithms and Data Structures and Object Oriented Programming I and II part. Based on the basic concepts and principles of Object Oriented Programming (PLO), students learn about the basics of Android mobile operating system programming and get practical programming habits in this area. Topics such as: Organization of user interaction; Building and organizing the user interface (UI) with XML and Java; Key components of UI; Activities and Fragments; Tasks, processes and threads; Asynchronous operation and processing of information in the background; Communication between processes. Services; Exchange of data between applications; Content providers; Data storage. Files in internal and external memory. Laboratory exercises are designed to provide practical programming habits in programming of mobile devices for students.


  • Concept of Android OS
  • GUI in Android OS
  • Thread mechanism in Android
  • DataBase in Android