Weekly classes 2+0+2
Control form Exam


The subject examines the structure of Intel i8086 / i8088 and i8087 microprocessors. The presentation of the data, the structure of the operating devices, the organization of the microprocessor system, the basic methods of data exchange, the machine commands system are studied. The programming models of the CPUs and peripheral circuits are defined. The processor registers, interrupts, I/O system, and addressing modes are considered. During the laboratory exercises Assembler language and the basic programming structures that can be realized and experimented, are studied. The aim is a good understanding of the machine commands action and the organization of the automatic computing process. Skills to create algorithms and to program linear, branched, cyclic program structures, using sub-program technique and the I/O exchange of data are being obtained.


Main issues of the syllabus content:

  • Data – representation, limitations, accuracy.
  • CPU architecture. Main devices. Programming model. Registers.
  • Instructions system. Instructions groups. Addressing modes.
  • Busses and signals of the microprocessor. Address space organization. Storage organization. Kinds of memory.
  • Interrupt. Interrupt system. Sub-program technique.
  • Input/ Output operations and commands. I/O device programming model and instructions. Organization of the parallel and serial data exchange.
  • Types of microprocessors. CPU architecture development.