Multi-user Operating Systems - elective

Weekly classes 2+0+2
Control form Exam


In this discipline programming and administration in multi-user operating systems are considered. Main principles are considered of development, functioning and usage of modern multi-user and multi-tasking operating systems. The details are presented of the command line interpreters, file systems, synchronization and communication of processes and the functioning of the input-output system. The concepts are considered of the distributed systems and the main functions of the operating system kernel for network applications development.


Main issues of the syllabus content:

  • Details of multi-user operating systems. Users and groups.
  • Command line interpreters. Scripts. Script languages.
  • File systems
  • Management of input-output system. Special files. Management of input-output buffers. Synchronous and asynchronous input-output.
  • Management of processes. Synchronization and communication of processes.
  • Inter-process communication. Messages, shared memory and semaphores.