Web Programming - elective

Weekly classes 2+0+2
Control form Exam


The course teaches ways to generate web content and data exchange between web browser and server scripts based on PHP server scripting language; comment the syntax, PHP coding style and documentation; addresses issues related to the PHP database script interaction, ways to recognize web application users, ways to handle exceptions, and more. It also discusses the interaction of PHP with XML as well as the generation of graphics in PHP. The exercises are practice-oriented, the goal is to acquire skills to design and develop dynamic web sites with a link to MySQL database.


Main issues of the syllabus content:

  • Architecture of web applications and technologies for their creation
  • Design and development of web applications with PHP - characteristics
  • Methods for transmitting data from client to server and methods of accessing data in PHP script
  • Access external files in web applications
  • Object-oriented approach to web application development
  • Means for recognizing the web application user
  • Processing exceptions in web applications
  • Interaction of a PHP script with database (SQLite, MySQL, etc.)
  • Interaction of PHP and XML