Computer Systems Fundamentals

Weekly classes 1+0+2
Control form Ongoing assessment


 The course introduces students with the basic concepts of the field of computer systems, giving them the necessary basic knowledge of the courses, studied in the following semesters of the training in the specialty. The history, purpose and composition of modern computer systems with their hardware and software (systematic and applied) are examined. Students study the structural elements of the computation process and the ways of its presentation, as well as the synthesis of algorithms for realization of basic (elemental) computing processes.


  • Main composition of the real computer system - hardware and software part; Devices - types, purpose; Software - system, user; Hierarchical structure of software; Operating systems - types; File systems - types, organization; Virus, virus protection.
  • Concept of computation process; Presentation of the computation process; Concept for algorithm; Basic algorithmic structures.
  • Algebra of logic. Logical functions and Logic circuits - synthesis and analysis.
  • Types of data; Presentation of the data; Numerical data; Concept of number system; Convert numbers from one number system to another; Fundamentals of the arithmetic of binary and binary encoded decimal numbers.