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Professor PhD Todor Dimitrov Ganchev
052 383 621

Education and training

2019 - Professor, Technical University of Varna
2014 - Associate Professor, Technical University of Varna
2005 - PhD, University of Patras, Faculty of Engineering and Computer Technology, Greece. PhD topic: “Speaker Recognition”
1993 - Diploma Engineer, Faculty of Electronics, Technical University of Varna. Academic curriculum: “Electronics and Microelectronics”

Teaching subjects

Digital Signal Processing
Artificial Intelligence

Research areas

Digital Signal Processing, Machine Learning methods and their applications in Biometrics, Bioacoustcis, and Biomedical Informatics


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Additional information

  • Awarded with the “2013 Joachim Adis Prize for Interdisciplinary Tropical Ecology”, for significant contribution to Computational Bioacoustics
  • Senior Member of IEEE -- Тhe Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, IEEE Signal Processing Society, IEEE Computational Intelligence Society
  • Member of The European Association for Signal Processing (EURASIP)


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